Course Overview

This customized B2C training program will provide your business access to a complete set of professional sales tools, giving you the tools you need to train and develop your personnel in order to achieve more successful sales outcomes.

In today’s cutthroat industry, this curriculum will also teach your salespeople “How to Hunt and Fish for Opportunities.” They’ll be concentrated on generating new business while maintaining and expanding your clientele with the goods and services you provide.

Throughout the year, we present a variety of specialized courses and webinars. The majority of our workshops can be completely customized for your company. Online workshops, which we recently introduced and can be completely customized for your company. Please contact us if you want a workshop that is completely customized.

Course Outcomes

  • How to interact with consumers in a welcoming and interesting way introducing yourself to a consumer
  • open-ended questions to determine a customer’s unique demands
  • matching and informing clients about your goods and services
  • showing off your products
  • How to promote the qualities and advantages of your goods and service
  • Upselling or cross-selling related goods and services
  • interpreting the customer’s vocal and nonverbal buying cues
  • How to go beyond opposition
  • How to use soft, hard, and alternate closing approaches to try to close the customer
  • Requesting the order to complete the sale
  • highlighting the benefits for the client to encourage return business and, as a result, referrals

Course  Objectives

  • Each training session will include YOUR culture, brand, goods, and services so that your staff acquire information specific to your business rather than general information.
  • We’ll license our programs to you and train your trainers to self-administer them, which will drastically reduce the cost of instruction for each participant.
  • Do you want to assess the success of the learning outcomes for your staff? With the aid of our in-house assessment, we can assist you in doing that.
  • Do you need assistance creating manager coaching programs to teach your personnel the B2C Sales EssentialsTM concepts? We also carry out that.
  • Even as a pre-hire tool, you can use our B2C Sales EssentialsTM Assessment to determine the training requirements of new workers and reduce the time needed for onboarding by 35%.

Organizational advantages

  • Creating a marketing intelligence system using the relevant data
  • Ensuring effective administration of integrated marketing communications
  • Improved after-sales and sales services
  • Increased market share increased likelihood of sticking out from the competition improved market image development
  • Greater likelihood of repeat business
  • Collecting more effective sales promotion methods

 Personal advantages

  • Being more capable in the role of selling
  • Having the ability to explain and demonstrate products
  • Timely reaching set sales goals
  • Recognizing the value of preparation before making a transaction
  • Collaborating with employees from many areas around the firm
  • Analysis of statistical data to enhance understanding of consumer base and historical sales

Sales Training Highlights

 Training Feedback

Happy Customers

Course Outline

Interpreting the Results of Your B2C Sales Essentials™ Assessment – B2CSE

  • The process used to create the B2C Sales EssentialsTM Assessment
  • What the B2C Sales EssentialsTM Assessment Measures and the Applications for the B2C Sales EssentialsTM Assessment
  • Understanding the Results of the B2C Sales EssentialsTM Assessment
  • B2C Sales EssentialsTM Assessment Questions & Answers

B2C Sales Attitudes, Preparation & Organization – B2CSE 

  • Conducted Market Research
  • Performing Prospect Research Learning About Your Products & Services Competitor Research
  • Knowing the Options for Product Support Available
  • Information on the prospects and accounts
  • Making and Using Meeting Plans
  • Managing Your Time for B2C Professionals
  • Making Use of STRAM Goals
  • Getting Ready: The Tiger’s Mentality

Greeting Prospects and Building Rapport – B2CSE

  • Do You Feel Prepared to Greet Customers in Person?
  • Personally, are you prepared to pay attention to customers?
  • How Do You Establish Trust With Others?

B2C Prospecting Essentials – B2CSE 

  • Suspecting
  • Prospecting for Fair, Show, Events, and Venues
  • Personal prospecting
  • Networking
  • Referral-based marketing

Conducting Effective Needs Assessments – B2CSE 

  • The Essential Knowledge and Skills for Needs Assessments
  • Effective Interrogation Techniques
  • How to Read Prospect Responses Correctly
  • solving scenarios for needs assessments
  • Transitioning Effortlessly from Needs Assessment to Solution Presentation

Who Should Attend

  • Senior marketing directors or managers
  • Relationship managers and
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Professionals in customer service, supervisors,
  • Team leaders, and managers
  • Sales experts, salespeople, and sales analysts
  • Entrepreneurs and founders of startups

Trainers Available for:

  • In-House Trainings
  • Online Training
  • 2 Hours Crush Program
  • Half  Day Program
  • One Day Program
  • Two Days Full Program

Training Techniques

  • Power point Presentations
  • Engaging conversations
  • Case studies
  • Exercises in solving problems
  • Focus Group Conversations
  • Games in Management
  • Skits and modeling the part

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