Covid-19 pandemic has challenged all corners of the Globe, Sectors of the Economy, Nations, Age and Gender no one has not felt the impact of Corona Virus. With the Economic recession, Wide spread layoffs, Businesses at their lowest.  Eagles Management Consultants  has lined up Motivation Speakers and Experts in Kenya and beyond to ensure we walk through these interruptions successfully . We have both online Motivation Talks and in-house sessions in Kenya.

Sample Topics include:

  • Mental Health Top Essential need
  • Meeting yourself during the Covid-19 Lock downs
  • Staying Motivated during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Repositioning Yourself
  • Corona Virus Fears Antidotes
  • Parenting During the Pandemic Challenge
  • What are you feeding on (
  • Taking risk to New Opportunities
  • Navigating through change
  • Staying Safe during the Pandemic
  • Personal Finance Skills & Money Matters during the Lock down

Select a Topic for either Online on In-house Motivation talk session