Course Overview

Team building is about teams and the members of the teams working together to complete projects successfully. When appropriately skilled team members join the team, they are provided with knowledge and abilities as needed to accomplish the desired goals.

However, for the teams to be effective, team building must be a constant activity that is ingrained in the culture of the firm.

This Team Building and Team Development Training Course will help you build forward-thinking teams. This will also assist you in developing stronger relationships, optimizing the performance of individuals in teams, and empowering you to drive corporate productivity.

This will also allow you to resolve issues at any level or module of your business plan promptly, ensuring the success of your organization’s blueprint.


Team Building Venues per Regions & Counties in Kenya

Course Objectives

  • Determine the team’s health.
  • Understand the abilities required to create effective workplace changes.
  • Develop a positive synergy among team members.
  • Determine the team’s mission and direction.
  • Recognize team skills and dynamics
  • Create procedures for assembling an effective team.
  • Improve team communication.


Why  is Team building  important for your employees or Board Members

  • Celebrate Achievement
  • Onboarding new Employees
  • Navigating change together
  • Know one another
  • Improving Trust
  • Rekindle your staff morale
  • Reinforce team Work Spirit
  • Improve Communication 
  • Appreciate your employees
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Address attitude challenges
  • Communicating change
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Interdepartmental Networking 
  • Solving conflict

Course Outline


  • What exactly is a team?
  • What exactly is team productivity?
  • Team Structure
  • Traditional teams, self-directed teams, and virtual teams
  • Team Characteristics
  • Productive Team Characteristics
  • How can I maximize my productivity?
  • The effect of your contribution on team productivity
  • Adopting skills for increased productivity
  • Avoiding some typical blunders


  • Recognize the Stages of Team Development
  • Stage 1: Formation
  • Storming is the second stage.
  • Norming (Stage 3)
  • 4th Stage: Performing
  • Stage 5: Discontinuation
  • Recognize your role as a leader at each of these stages.
  • Understand your function as a follower during all of these stages.


  • Recognize the success cycle
  • Setting and focusing on goals are essential for success.
  • Understand Communication Skills
  • Communication (positive vs. negative)
  • Taking Charge of Your Conversation
  • Emotional management
  • Feedback Exchange
  • Productivity planning


  • Relationships with Others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Developing and maintaining good feelings
  • Understand how to deal with team differences.
  • High-Performing Team Characteristics
  • Keeping in the Productivity Zone
  • Causes of poor performance
  • Performance consistency


  • Why do groups succeed?
  • What causes teams to fail?
  • Team Engagement Activities
  • Organizing Team Meetings
  • Team brainstorming
  • Problem-solving as a Group
  • Creating Agreement
  • Sharing knowledge and wisdom within the team

Team Development and Team Building

Team Development and Team Building

Team Development and Team Building

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Team Development and Team Building

Team Development and Team Building

Team Development and Team Building

Team Building Venues in Kenya

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