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Eagles Management Consultants is one of Kenya’s best team building companies. With over fifteen years serving hundreds of Corporates, NGO’s, Chamas, Saccos and Government Agencies, you are guaranteed of satisfaction. We help these institutions and companies to keep their staff motivated and equipped. Thus making better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

Skilled Team Building Trainers & Facilitators

With our expert and skilled trainers, you are sure your team will receive top-notch training to hone their teamwork abilities.
The facilitators are thoroughly equipped to handle diverse groups in corporate environments, chamas, saccos and government agencies.

Handpicked Team Building Venues & Hotels

With over 15 years organizing epic team building all over the country, we know the best venues. We ensure the venue we recommend for your group is the ideal. One that accommodates your preference and fit your budget. Ask us for venues in major cities & towns in Kenya

Exciting Team Building Packages in Kenya

With our diverse team building packages, you are guaranteed to find one that fit your staff. We are always ready to craft a custom experience for your group and help achieve your desired goal. From one day, half day to multiple days. Staff, managers to directors packages

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Team Building Venues

Team Building Activities

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Unique Team Building Activities

We have a wide range of unique and thrilling activities to choose from – both outdoors and indoors. High adrenaline to moderate activities. We recommend the ideal team bonding games depending on the objectives, age dynamics among other factors.

Why Team Building is Important for your Staff?

We have conducted thousands of Team building to various organisation. And we have seen growth, staff engagement, people to get to know each other, learn their leaders, know their interests, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they communicate, Negotiate, capacity, leadership skills, creativity level.

The benefits of team building for your team, employees and Board Members are way to huge to ignore.

Here are some the Objectives of Team Building Trainings:

Some of our many satisfied clients

Top Team Building Venues in Kenya Per Region

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    Team Building Packages Include

    • Team Building Trainers
    • Hotel Package: Am & Pm Teas & Snacks
    • Buffet Lunch with a Soft Drink, 
    • Bottled Water
    • Music System / Public Address System
    • Free Photography
    •  First Aider
    • Complementary 1 Hour of Staff Wellness Program         

      Types of Team Building Packages

    Whether you’re looking for fun staff retreats, Employee team building event, corporate bonding activities, Staff social get together or even departmental or company team building, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of carefully selected venues all over Kenya. Our Corporate Team Building program include;

    Top Team Building Packages in Kenya

    Nairobi  One Day Team Building Packages

    • Safari Park, Nairobi  Kes 6,800
    • Boma Inn, Nairobi  Kes 6,500
    • Hotel La-Mada, Nairobi Kes 6,200
    • Vila Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi Kes 5,800
    • Stedmak Gardens, Nairobi Kes 5,600
    • Oak Place Ridgeways, Nairobi Kes 5,200
    • Elysian Hotel, Nairobi Kes 5,100
    • Eka Hotel, Nairobi Kes 5,000
    • Dari Restaurant, Nairobi Kes 6,000

     Naivasha Day Team Building Packages

    • Masada Resort Naivasha Kes 5,800
    • Enashipa Resort & Spa Kes 7,800
    • Lake Naivasha Resort Kes 7,500
    • Sawela Lodge, Naivasha Kes 7,700
    • Geothermal Spa Resort, Kes 6,800
    • Lake Naivasha Panorama Kes 5,800
    • Blooming Suites, Naivasha Kes 4,800

     Sagana Day Team Building Packages

    • Nokras Riverine,  Sagana Kes 4,900
    • Nokra Enkare, Sagana Kes 4,700
    • Abai Lodges & Spa, Kagio Kes 5,500
    • Fk Resort, Marwa, Sagana Kes 6,500
    • Maya Gardens, Sagana Kes 4,500
    • Destination Resort Sagana Kes 4,000
    • Mima Gardens Maragwa Kes 4,500
    • Three Rivers, Maragwa Kes 4,800

    Kajiado Day Team Building Packages

    • Asyana Gardens,  Rongai Kes 6,900
    • Enchula resort, Kajiado 5,800
    • Masai Lodge, Rongai  6,600

    One Machakos Day Team Building Packages

    • Stone Athi,  Athi River Kes 5,900
    • Maanzoni Lodge, Machakos 6,800
    • machakos Peoples Park 4,500

    Mombasa, Diani, Malindi Team Building 

    • Voyager Beach , Mombasa Kes 5,500
    • Pride in Paradise, Mombasa Kes 6,500
    • Sun n Sand Beach, Mombasa Kes 4,500
    • Sai Rock Beach Resort  Kes 4,800
    • Bahari Beach, Mombasa  Kes 5,000
    • Boabab Beach Resort & Spa Kes 6,800
    • Swahili Beach Resort, Diani Kes 7, 200
    • Neptune Paradise, Diani Kes 6,800
    • Ocean Sports Resort, Malindi Kes 6,400
    • Billionaires Club, Malindi  Kes 6,900

    Nakuru, Kisumu, Elementaita  Packages

    • Sarova Woodland, Nakuru 6,400
    • Royal Greens Nakuru Kes 5,800
    • Lake Nakuru Flamingo Camp
    • Glad Royal Swiss, Kisumu Kes 6, 500
    • Ciala Rersort, Kisumu County Kes 6, 900
    • Elementaita Mountain Lodge Kes 6,700

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