Sagana Best Team Building Hotels ~ Top Trainers and Fascinating Activities

Drive to Sagana with your Team and enjoy beautiful Venues along River Sagana. Our Sagana Team Building packages are unique, Fun and refreshing as your team get empowered on various skills as per your Team Building Objectives, Budgets and Timelines. With our  NITA Team Building Packages Sagana is famous for its sport activities such as Water activities, zip lining, bungee jumping. The Outdoors activities is one of the best  outdoor Team Building events and activities to Corporates and Groups, We will guide you on the most suitable Team Building Hotels, Venues, Outdoors and Indoors, Activities, Training Programs, Site, Places, Events, Camps,  Packages, Deals, Lodges, Trainers in Sagana and Packages  which will not only improve employee engagement but also boost productivity.

Why Choose us for your Sagana Team building Events & Trainings?

Skilled Team Building Trainers & Facilitators

With our expert and skilled trainers, you are sure your team will receive top-notch training to hone their teamwork abilities.
The facilitators are thoroughly equipped to handle diverse groups in corporate environments, chamas, saccos and government agencies.

Handpicked Team Building Venues & Hotels

With over 15 years organizing epic team building in Sagana area, we know the best venues. We ensure the venue we recommend for your group is the ideal. One that accommodates your preference and fit your budget. Ask us for venues in the city, budget, mid range and luxury ones

Exciting Team Building Packages in Sagana

With our diverse team building packages, you are guaranteed to find one that fit your staff. We are always ready to craft a custom experience for your group and help achieve your desired goal. From one day, half day to multiple days. Staff, managers to directors packages

Why  is Team Building  important in your organization

  • Rekindle your staff morale
  • Reinforce team Work Spirit
  • Improve Communication 
  • Appreciate your employees
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Building interdepartmental bridges 
  • Address attitude challenges
  • Communicating change
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Interdepartmental Networking 
  • Solving inter & intra conflicts 
  • Celebrate Achievement
  • Onboarding new Employees
  • Navigating change together
  • Know one another
  • Improving trust
  • Foster Creativity

Team Building Venues

Team Building Activities

Client Testimonials

Team Building Venues in Sagana

Executive Team Building Venues

  • Nokras Riverine Sagana
  • Nokra Enkare, Sagana
  • Nokras Muranga
  • Abai Lodges & Spa, Sagana Kagio
  • Fk Resort, Marwa, Sagana
  • Sagana Getaways Resort
  • Maya Gardens, Sagana
  • The Great Sagana Resort, Sagana
  • Starwood Garden,Sagana
  • Stanley Havens Muranga
  • Thika Greens & Golf Resort
  • Sunrise Resort, Thika
  • golden Palm, Kenol

Medium Team Building Venues

  • Destination Resort Sagana
  • FK Resort Sagana
  • Mima Gardens Maragwa, Sagana
  • Three Rivers, Maragwa, Sagana
  • Roswam Hotel, Kerugoya
  • Sifa Gardens Kutus, Sagana
  • Great North Resort, Sagana
  • Tetura Luxury Camp,Sagana
  • Omega Gardens Hotel Karatina, Sagana
  • Flapa Gardens, Sagana
  • Team Building Trainers
  • Outdoor Team Building activities Sagana

Budget Team Building Venues

  • Sun City Sagana
  • Jangwani Camp Sagana
  • Havilla Camp Site, Sagna
  • Rosepark Kutus, Sagana
  • Rukenya Hotel Kutus, Sagana
  • Disneyland hotel, Sagana
  • Mark 5 Resort,  Sagana
  • Grandfall Garden, Kutus
  • Self Catering Gardens in Sagana
  • Budget Camps in Sagana
  • Sagana Team building Packages
  • Team Building Hotels in Sagana

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    Team Building Packages Include

      Types of Team Building Packages

    Whether you’re looking for fun staff retreats, Employee team building event, corporate bonding activities, Staff social get together or even departmental or company team building, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of carefully selected venues all over Kenya. Our Corporate Team Building program include;