Eagles Consultants has amazing Team Building Venues in Elementaita, Nakuru County, With our great Trainers, team building events engaging indoor and outdoor Team Activities, Facilitators and events are memorable, Fun and transformative. Team Building Hotels in Lake Elementaita. Best corporate team building in Elementaita region Venues With our Team Building Packages and NITA Certified facilitators your team will be able to enjoy, learn and rejuvenate.

Why is Team building important ?

  • Celebrate Achievement
  • On-boarding New Employees
  • Navigating change together
  • Know one another
  • Improving trust
  • Foster Creativity
  • Rekindle your staff morale
  • Reinforce team Work Spirit
  • Improve Communication 
  • Appreciate your employees
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Building interdepartmental bridges 
  • Address attitude challenges
  • Communicating change
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Interdepartmental Networking 
  • Solving inter & intra conflicts 
  • Re-energizing your Employees

Team Building Venues

Team Building Activities

Client Testimonials

Team building Venues in Nairobi

Executive Team Building Venues

  • Elementaita Mountain Lodge Watch Video
  • Sentrim Elementaita
  • Serena Elementaita Watch Video
  • Sirville Lake Elementaita Watch Video
  • Elementaita Country Lodge
  • The Pelian Lodge  Watch Video
  • Epashikino Resort & Spa, Elementaita Watch video
  • Jacaranda Lake Elementeita Lodge, Elementaita

Medium Team Building Venues

  • Lake Elementaita Nature Pebbles & Spa Suites Video
  • Sunbird Lodge, Elementaita
  • Eagles Point Camp, Elementaita
  • The sleeping Warrior Cottages, Elementaita
  • Koko Cottages, Elementaita

Budget Team Building Venues

  • Kikopey Beach Camp, Elementaita
  • Eagles Point Camp, Elementaita
  • Elementaita Bandas Resort And Retreat
  • Kikopey Beach Camp, Elementaita
  • Eagles Point Camp, Lake Elementaita
  • Duara Flamingo Camp, Elementaita
  • Kikopey Beach Camp

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