Being a professional means acting ethically; demonstrating integrity, treating everyone with dignity and respect, and owning up to mistakes. Ethics training for employees and supervisors can have a significant positive impact on employee behavior.
Unethical behavior at the work place would include issues around dishonesty, ignorance, abusive conduct, policy violations, use and consumption of company resources among many others.
Our training course will help you develop your ability to recognize and promote ethical decisions in the workplace, and identify ethical and unethical actions and behaviors.
Target Audience:
This course targets every employer and employee, to help us understand how to develop policies and safeguard them at the work place.

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:
•Clearly understand the meaning of good ethics
•Understand the obstacles to making good decisions
•Understand the importance of good ethics
•Understand the key aspects of good ethics
•Evaluate common workplace ethics codes of conduct
•Weigh social responsibility factors that influence business ethics
•Compare examples of ethical & unethical actions
•Establish ethical best practices for management
•Ensure best use of organizations resources

Course Outline:
Module I: Understand work ethics
•What are work ethics?
•Examples of basic-standard work ethics
•Examples of unethical behavior
•Identifying and preventing unethical behavior

Module II: Implementing ethics at the work place
•Guidelines on managing work ethics
•Ethical roles and responsibilities

Module III: Employer vs. employee rights
•Understanding work place policies
•Privacy policies
•Managing policy violations
•Social responsibility
•Balancing personal vs. organizational ethics
•Making ethical decisions

Module IV: Managing ethics
•Developing a code of ethics
•Benefits of managing ethics
•Safeguarding set policies
•Addressing obstacles

Our Approach:
Eagles Management will make this course as comprehensive as possible. Our training is majorly practical; our facilitators will use a lot of case studies while tailoring the objectives to meet your expectations and beyond.

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