Best team building games in Kenya 

At Eagles Management Consultants, we have innovated the best team building games in Kenya. The games are inspired by several techniques. The aim is to boost the morale of clients and enabling them to have fun, bond and learn or deduct a couple of lessons at the end of the day. Importantly, we do presentations of the games we offer. the presentation is done so as to assess games that will have the most impact depending on the team’s objectives.

The activity techniques  include:

A technique based on communication

Unquestionably, communication is vital for every organization. All forms of communication matter as they are essential and determine how teammates interact amongst themselves and with clients. Our team building activities aid in developing better interpersonal and communication skills.

Techniques based on values

Through this approach, we aim at instilling the sense of responsibility and humanity so that the team members can gain job satisfaction. Our activities motivate team members to impact each other’s lives.

Techniques based on activities

We engage your team in mental and physical activities so as to break up the monotony of their day to day life in the workplace. It is through such activities that teams can showcase their other talents or abilities that don’t apply in the office. Such activities can either be done indoors or outdoors.            

Techniques based on skills

Through challenging mind-games, we strive to instill various skills to the team such as critical and creative thinking, problem solving as well as leadership skills.

Techniques based on personalities

As much as workers carry out the say duties and responsibilities, deep down everyone’s personality vary. Our team building activities will therefore enable the team leaders to be able to group the team members based on their personalities and where their strength lies for equal and fair distribution of labor.

Techniques based on conflict resolution

All human is to error and sometimes things may change for the worse when conflict arises amongst colleagues. Such conflicts may hinder team mates from working towards achieving the common goals in harmony as they should. Our fun team building activities promote a sense of harmony as the team mates get to bond.

Moreover, it enables the team mates to be aware of each other’s strengths and shortcomings and ways of appreciating each other for who they are.

The Team Building Games include

  • Aerobics and Zumba fitness sessions
  • work flow balance
  • Eagles warrior
  • Corporate shoe
  • Work flow balance
  • Crazy soccer
  • Toxic water
  • Plate balance
  • Mind Games

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