Delighted customers return and send others; dissatisfied customers do not! Surveys have found that it costs about eight times as much to acquire a new customer, as it does to keep an existing one. A company’s most vital assets is its customers. Without them we do not exist in business. Unfortunately positive customer care does not occur naturally. In fact, it is extremely difficult to achieve. How can a manager ensure that good customer care and excellent service will prevail throughout his / her organization? What are the simple practical steps that lead to quality products and excellent service?
Our Customer service management course, is very participative, and allows delegates to address issues in a practical way, which clarifies the relationship between customer care and overall business strategy.

•To understand the components of successful customer care
•To know how to develop a plan for implementing effective customer care
•To understand how you, as a leader, can help to develop a ‘customer focused’ team
•To be able to assess your own, and your company’s performance, in the different levels of customer service
•To identify customer service barriers within your organization
•To improve the standards of service to your customers, by understanding their future needs and expectations
•To explore the ways, you can ‘WOW!’ your customers – by ‘going the extra mile’
•To learn how to offer alternative solutions and successfully deal with unrealistic customer requests
•To understand why customers, complain, and how to deal professionally with complaints

MODULE 1: The world of customer service excellence.
•Excellence in customer service and what it looks like.
•Assessing the quality of the service that you offer.
•Concepts of customer care and the customer decision process
•Models for managing customer care
•Dealing with criticism, controlling anger & aggression
•Understanding what your customers say about you and your organization.

MODULE II: Communication skills
•How to achieve crystal clear communication
•Powerful listening & questioning techniques to understand what customers need
•Body language clues
•Communication models
•Choosing communication channels to increase engagement
•Using perceptual positions to understand your customer’s point of view.

MODULE III: Managing the delivery of customer service Excellence
•Delivering a next generation customer experience
•Developing a customer strategy- Planning for an interactive business relationship.
•Bench Marking to achieve competitive differentiation
•Knowledge management as a customer service tool
•Using a performance management framework
•Coaching- a tool for self and others.

MODULE IV: Gaining a greater understanding of your company service delivery
•Examining the evidence for investing in excellent customer service.
•Understanding porters value chain- how do you create value for your customers
•Who are your internal suppliers and customers?
•What are the systems that help you all to deliver excellence to the customer?
•Building lasting rapport with your customer- Internal & External.
•Creating a lasting first impression.
•Stepping into our customers shoe.

MODULE V: Action Planning to Achieve Customer Service Excellence.
•Developing a plan to deliver excellence
•Assertiveness and what it means.
•Dealing with difficult people in an assertive way.
•Maintaining high standards of customer service.
•Reviewing the service that you offer and reacting accordingly.
•Personal development planning

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