Getting a new job is always exciting, but the first few days at a new workstation can be extremely boring. Unless the institution has developed an elaborate program to induct in new employees, it could be a make it or break it moment for many of them.
Induction is the process of formerly introducing new members to an existing team. An induction program is more than profiling the institution. It is in sharing the values, traditions and culture of the organization with the new employees.
The induction process determines an employee’s perception of the company and therefore affects his /her ability to integrate effectively.
Our Induction Training course is developed as an aid to the existing human resource guidelines of new employees’ admissions.

The following groups will find this course beneficial:
•Managers and Chief Executives.
•HR and Hiring Officers.

By the end of this course, participants should:
•Fully understand the induction process.
•Understand how to be accountable for their daily tasks and duties.
•Relate the induction process to organizational goals and culture.
•Be equipped with necessary skills to develop effective and appropriate induction programs.

Module I: Understanding Induction
•What is induction?
•Importance of induction.
•Principles of employee induction

Module II: Building Commitment

Module III: Designing an Induction Program
•Using Your Experience
•Mistakes to Avoid
•Characteristics of a successful program
•Creating employee induction manuals
•Preparing a checklist

Module IV: Employee Training
•Preparing for an effective training
•The Learning Styles Inventory
•Assessing training objectives

Our Approach
We make our training sessions and exciting as possible by ensuring interactions between the participants and trainers. The training will be conducted in an experiential manner, with client participation through: Power presentations (Audio Visual/Video), Group discussions, Skits/ Role Play, Icebreakers, Q and A and know your colleague session.
Our desire is to assist you make your best employees have their first days as the best days at work.

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