Minute writing will always exist at the corporate space since meetings will always happen. Whether formal or informal, it is very important to always have record of what transpired and all the necessary action points.

Eagles Management’s Minute writing course is aimed at helping you understand the important element of minute writing and equip you with the relevant skills and techniques for writing minutes.

Target Audience:
•Personal assistants
•Office administrators and, anyone who wants to add on to his or her corporate skills.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, we expect participants:
•Identify all the actions needed to prepare and set up a meeting effectively, to ensure maximum attendance
•Learn how to write and issue meeting agendas and convening notices
•Take accurate notes during a meeting and converted them into effective minutes
•Recognize the importance and outcomes of minute-taking
•Develop skills in active listening, critical thinking, and organization
•Understand and customize meeting agreements
•Prepare and publish minutes with perfection
•Take minutes in interactive board meetings
•Write drafts, proofread and organize minutes
•Build and maintain a minute records book
•Recognize the outcome of minute-taking for a particular meeting
•Recognize the role of a minute-taker in achieving larger goals of an organization
•Deal with common complaints and difficulties faced by minute-takers
•Perform the role with expertise using knowledge and skills

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding Minute taking
•What is minute taking?
•Roles of a minute taker
•Effective minute taking

Module II: Styles of minute taking
•How to settle on a style
•Identifying your style of writing minutes
•Formal vs informal minute writing

Module III: Meetings
•Types of meetings
•Identifying participants
•Developing a checklist

Module IV: Agenda
•Convening notices
•Communicating agenda items
•Determining what’s most important

Module V: The After
•Review of minute notes
•Distributing action plans

Our Approach:
This is more of classroom training; the course includes practical tips and techniques for taking minutes, aimed at improving meeting productivity. Participants shall be tasked to submit exercises and go through different classical examples and formats of writing minutes.

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