Course Overview

The NextGen Directors Program educates and trains aspiring corporate board members from a variety of backgrounds who are underrepresented on the boards of directors in corporate governance. Your first board experience will be better prepared for by the training. Practitioners with considerable board experience in a range of public and private companies, as well as Berkeley faculty who address hot-button issues for boards, teach the program.

The program includes panel discussions with CEOs and other stakeholders and covers a wide variety of corporate director roles and responsibilities, the work of the full board and each committee, emerging governance concerns, and the exchange of best practices. Participants also have the chance to meet with board members and polish their own board value propositions.

Through the NextGen Directors program, The Directors Academy educates and trains future board members in corporate governance from a variety of backgrounds who are underrepresented on boards of directors. Senior executives are being better prepared for their first board encounter. Practitioners with considerable board experience in a range of public and private companies, as well as experts from the University of California, Berkeley, who address hot problems for boards, teach the program.

The nine-month hybrid virtual and in-person program includes panel discussions with CEOs and other important stakeholders and covers the full range of corporate director duties and responsibilities, the work of the full board and each committee, emerging governance issues, and the exchange of best practices. Participants can also improve their work as well.

Course  Objectives

There are numerous advantages to NextGen. The program is essential to maintaining aviation’s considerable economic contributions to our country while improving safety, cutting fuel use and aircraft exhaust emissions.

The safety of the skies and airfields is the FAA’s primary responsibility, and NextGen innovation and advancements are meeting that need. The capabilities for proactively identifying and resolving weather and other hazards are being made available to air traffic controllers and pilots through NextGen.

Flying is getting more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, and quiet. Operators are starting to adopt modern technology and techniques, alternative fuels, and equipment to lessen their negative effects on the environment. The number of persons who are affected by airplane noise is also being reduced via more precise flight routes.

Because they attract travelers and business, airports serve as economic engines for the areas they serve. NextGen  is providing increased access, predictability and reliability, enhancing airport operations across the country.

Organisational Benefits

  • Gain from educating your staff about the definition and significance of board effectiveness in businesses, especially if it has any bearing on the main goals, values, mission, and vision of your company.
  • Concentrate and target your efforts on the protocol and practices of the Board of Directors.
  • By ensuring a connection between the board and operational employees, the business may strengthen its synergy, which will raise employee morale and boost productivity.
  • Critically evaluate your organizational capabilities in terms of conformity with the aforementioned principles by conducting a gap analysis and performance audit.

Personal Benefits

  • Enhance your performance through increased productivity and enhanced communication with your operational personnel by becoming aware of the effects and long-term benefits of adhering to board norms and procedures.
  • Understanding the Board Practice Principles
  • Participate in productive discussions about the subject to enhance organizational capability and communication in general.
  • Put your knowledge about the effects of board effectiveness in your organization’s context and integrate it.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and comprehension of the key tenets governing the execution of board effectiveness. Training
  • Recognize the many individuals, institutions, and organizations that interact with the Board of Directors in an organization, as well as their roles, functions, and responsibilities.
  • Determine and assess the primary flaws that contribute to your organization’s board’s inefficiency.

Governance and Board Development Training Highlights

 Training Feedback

Happy Customers

Course Outline


  • Data Exchange


  • Based on the necessary navigational performance
  • Metroplex
  • Navigation based on performance
  • System for Wide-Area Augmentation


  • Broadcasting Automatic Dependent Surveillance
  • Pilot Applications Using ADS-B
  • Install ADS-B


  • Manager of Terminal Flight Data
  • Time-Based Flow Control

Information Control

  • Management of all information systems


  • System for Integrated Terminal Weather
  • Future Weather

Alternative NAS Operations

  • Distant Towers
  • Space Data Integrator
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research

Workshop Overview

The NextGen initiatives have greatly expedited the processes for guiding and flying an aircraft from gate to gate, mostly due to enhanced operations in the terminal, on the surface, and in the air, as well as optimized profile descent.

Electronic tracking of all aircraft and surface vehicles makes the taxi routing procedure automated and, therefore, more effective. Radio communication between controllers and pilots is not as necessary. Additionally, the capacity for departures is increased by allowing several departure paths for each runway using current NextGen technology.

Thanks to NextGen technology, more aircraft can effectively and safely cruise the skies at once. These systems choose the best path based on the wind, destination, weather, and traffic.

Descents won’t be the time-consuming process they are right now. Instead, NextGen systems prepare the arrival sequence hundreds of miles in advance, placing the aircraft on precise vertical and horizontal routes from the descent point to the final approach.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior marketing directors or managers
  • Relationship managers and
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Professionals in customer service, supervisors,
  • Team leaders, and managers
  • Sales experts, salespeople, and sales analysts
  • Entrepreneurs and founders of startups

Trainers Available for:

  • In-House Trainings
  • Online Training
  • 2 Hours Crush Program
  • Half  Day Program
  • One Day Program
  • Two Days Full Program

Training Techniques

  • Power point Presentations
  • Engaging conversations
  • Case studies
  • Exercises in solving problems
  • Focus Group Conversations
  • Games in Management
  • Skits and modeling the part

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