Course Overview

Are you prepared to implement the adaptable technique within your company? Take the course on agile project management!

This training is required for project managers who want to deliver projects utilizing the Agile methodology. Although Agile will be the main focus of the course, it will also cover the differences between Predictive, Adaptive, and Hybrid approaches while adhering to the best practices and standards for Project Management.

Agile project management is a cutting-edge, adaptable method of managing projects. It enables your team to respond swiftly to change and produce work quickly by allowing you to divide up large projects into more manageable tasks that are worked on in brief iterations or sprints.

Agile project management methodology is used by software developers, construction firms, educational institutions, and even marketing teams.

The agile project management style has several advantages for enterprises, and it’s easy to set up and use.

Although you can use software, books, or agile coaches, every agile team is different. You may create an agile project approach that works for you and your company by having a fundamental understanding of it.

The most widely used Agile framework, Scrum, will also be thoroughly covered in the course

Course  Objectives

  • Learn how Agile and Waterfall differ from one another.
  • Study the scrum process.
  • Learn about the project manager’s position in Scrum as well as the duties and responsibilities of the team.
  • Create milestones, tasks, timeframes, and reports for sponsors and stakeholders using a project management application.
  • Recognize the use of the Scrum approach through a case study.
  • Case study: Apply Sprint Ceremonies
  • Use the case study as an example to get ready for sprints and other Go-Live events.

Management & Supervisory Training Highlights

 Training Feedback

Happy Customers

Course Outline

Module 1

  • Review: Agile vs. Waterfall Project Management
  • Utilizing Agile Methodology when



Module 2

  • Scrum Methodology
  • roles and obligations
  • Product Backlog and Products

Module 3

  • The Project Manager’s Role in Scrum
  • Timeline debate between the project manager and the scrum master
  • Meeting of Sponsors and Stakeholders
  • Initiative Meeting

Module 4

  • Project Management Tool Milestones and Tasks
  • Dates and Duration
  • Roles
  • Flowcharts and Reports

Module 5

  • IzanRose Online Store Case Study
  • Requirements
  • Product Backlog
  • Grooming Backlog

Module 6

  • Sprint 0: The Setting Up
  • Phase 1 Phase Planning
  • Everyday Standups
  • Burndown Rates for MidSprint Reviews
  • Demonstration of the Sprint Retro Burndown Reports

Module 7

  • Additional External Requirements for Sprint 2
  • Following Go-Live Support, Go-Live Preparations

Who Should Attend

  • Senior marketing directors or managers
  • Relationship managers and
  • Customer relationship managers
  • Professionals in customer service, supervisors,
  • Team leaders, and managers
  • Sales experts, salespeople, and sales analysts
  • Entrepreneurs and founders of startups

Trainers Available for:

  • In-House Trainings
  • Online Training
  • 2 Hours Crush Program
  • Half  Day Program
  • One Day Program
  • Two Days Full Program

Training Techniques

  • Power point Presentations
  • Engaging conversations
  • Case studies
  • Exercises in solving problems
  • Focus Group Conversations
  • Games in Management
  • Skits and modeling the part

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