One of the loudest corporate jokes is that “The future is female”. It is important to appreciate the role that women bring not only at the corporate space but also in leadership.
The women in leadership course will give you the tools to improve your leadership skills, addressing challenges unique to women in leadership and leveraging your unique attributes. You will also learn how to boost your influence as you step into a new leadership role, and discover how to build engagement and motivation in a team.
This very interactive course is customized to focus on the qualities regarded as critical for successful female leaders and to support them in supporting other women in affecting change in our society.

Target Audience:
Among many others, this course targets:
Women managers, team leaders, supervisors, newly established and emerging female professionals and all women seeking to develop and enhance on their leadership skills.

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:
•Understand the concepts of a leader and leadership
•Distinguish between different leadership styles
•Understand the common challenges that may affect their effectiveness as women in leadership
•Design strategies for dealing with those challenges
•Identify different leadership styles, and the strengths each can bring
•Develop skills and strategies towards enhancing their corporate roles and,
•Improve on their personal development skills

Course Outline:
Module I: Introduction to Women in Leadership
•What is leadership?
•Who is a leader?
•Qualities of a good leader

Module II: The Woman Leader
•Your role as a leader
•Challenges faced by women in leadership
•Factors that impact your leadership
•Importance of women in leadership

Module III: Leadership styles, skills and values
•Different styles of leadership
•Values of effective leadership
•Important skills in leadership

Module IV: Personal Development
•Setting career goals
•Communication skills
•Assertiveness skills
•Designing your leadership vision
•Networking skills

Our Approach:
Apart from one on one session with our trainers, this course will include;
•Small group discussion sessions
•Role plays and stimulations
•Written and presentation assignments and,
•Question and answer sessions.

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