Course Overview

The training course “Building Team Excellence” is specifically created to enable, equip, and empower your leadership excellence and propel you and your team to the next level of success!

“Excellence is the difference between being average and being exceptional.” ‘It is the ability to exceed expectations and continuously offer excellent quality,’ he said. Leaders acquire influence and stand out from the crowd by cultivating habits of excellence. A firm attracts and retains consumers by establishing an outstanding culture.

“Excellence is not an act; it is a habit,” Aristotle said. To establish a reputation for quality, you must give outcomes whenever they are requested. Inconsistent performers are neither trusted nor respected. Those who continually exhibit expertise, on the other hand, develop credibility, and their credibility paves the way for others.

This training course will emphasize:

  • The leader’s role in the team
  • The importance of interpersonal connection abilities
  • The key aspects of a high-performing team Are role assignment and structure
  • Using effective engagement tactics to achieve team alignment
  • fostering collaborative innovation to improve performance
  • Inspiring and empowering your team to achieve success


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Course Objectives

  • Understand the leader’s position in team situations as a facilitator of engagement, cooperation, innovation, trust, and empowerment.
  • Develop key team leadership behavioral characteristics in order to effectively lead a team.
  • Using active interpersonal relationship skills, you can build a high-performing team.
  • Identify and foster creativity in the team, resulting in talent growth.
  • Trust and empowerment are used to manage team performance.


Why  is Team building  important for your employees or Board Members

  • Celebrate Achievement
  • Onboarding new Employees
  • Navigating change together
  • Know one another
  • Improving Trust
  • Rekindle your staff morale
  • Reinforce team Work Spirit
  • Improve Communication 
  • Appreciate your employees
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Address attitude challenges
  • Communicating change
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Interdepartmental Networking 
  • Solving conflict

Course Outline

DAY 1: Empowering Team Dynamics Development

  • The Team Leadership Competition
  • A Successful Team’s Sociology and Structure Creating a Powerful Self-coaching Program for Your Team
  • The Team Performance Curve in Action
  • How to Create an Empowering Team Dynamics
  • Identifying the Best Team Roles

DAY 2 Communication Engagement and Alignment

  • Structures of Team Communication
  • Active Listening Effective Interpersonal Communication
  • Influencing for Success
  • Vision Development and Communication
  • Managing Change in a Team

DAY 3: Improving Team Performance and Motivating Members

  • Setting Team Performance Management Objectives for Improved Performance
  • Within Teams, Motivation, and Reward
  • Active Conflict Resolution in Teams
  • Negotiation Techniques for Reaching Team Agreement

DAY 4: Creating a Culture of Team Innovation and Productivity

  • Putting Together a Team Problem Solving in a Changing Environment: Defining the Issue
  • Techniques for Solving Problems in Groups
  • Decision Making Based on Innovation and Creativity That Produces Proactive Results

DAY 5: Final Design and Simulation Environment

  • Team Development that is Empowered and Sharpened Empowering for Success
  • Team Delegation that Works
  • Creating a Proactive Action Plan for Team Mentoring and Coaching
  • Feedback for Better Performance


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High Achievers Team Building=

High Achievers Team Building

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High Achievers Team Building

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