Apart from our normal team building sessions and activities, we also engage clients in adrenaline rush activities outdoors. The activities include obstacles, high ropes, paint ball, archery and ziplining. Amicable competitiveness in the open air promotes happy feelings amongst team members while lowering the pressure and stress levels gained from the workplace.

Every activity is risk-free because safety precautions are taken and the activity is carried out by trained specialists. At Eagles Management Consultants, we recommend a high ropes course challenge to test vulnerability, confidence, and mentorship, with the goal of ensuring that the team acquires long-term skills and cohesion. Ziplining is added to the agenda for added thrill and challenge.

The best outdoor high ropes zip lining team building venues in Kenya include:

  1. PEC nature camp

PEC nature camp is a devoted top outdoor exploration and team-building facility. The camp offers  a great site for identity via hurdles and activities that push people to their extreme constraints. PEC nature camp is located at the foot of Ngong hills. The nature camp offers high ropes challenge course, zip lining, a climbing wall and the hanging net challenge.

  1. The forest

A natural spirit of adventure is what comes to mind when The Forest is mentioned. The place is a suitable team building venue for teams seeking to get away from the day-to-day stresses of life as well as explorers seeking scenic beauty. At Eagles Management Consultants we recommend The Forest as they offer a wide range of activities from zip lining, paint ball and archery among others. The area is located a couple of miles from the city in Kereita Forest in the middle of Arbedare ranges. We guarantee that your team will be recharged mentally and physically in a comfortable and safe environment.

  1. Diguna High Ropes Rongai

Diguna high ropes course is located in Rongai at AIC Diguna. High ropes courses are a collection of ropes and wooden games suspended in the air with varying difficulty challenges. A high ropes course is designed to test an individual’s endurance, agility, and cognitive attention whilst exploring the beautiful scenery.

The series of challenges on the high rope course include:

  • Swinging logs – placed like a flight of stairs made of cylindrical logs
  • A tremor bridge – made of thin planks of wood
  • Horizontally placed swinging logs
  • Tarzan\ monkey swings
  • Rope ladder
  1. Savage wilderness

Savage Wilderness is a pioneer in Kenyan outdoor recreation, offering one-of-a-kind, experiences in one of the most stunning settings. The adventure is carried out  cross rivers, plains, and plateaus in an exceptional and memorable excursion, led by skilled outdoor personnel fully educated to offer the greatest safety procedures.

The adrenaline rush activities offered include:

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