Entrepreneur’s life is not for Jokers, it’s not for faint hearted; It’s for Men and women with Lion Attitude. For entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to gain knowledge, inspiration, and motivation for the changes and business dynamics that we economies are going through Eagles has lined up Business Motivation Speakers in Kenya just for you.

Some of our Sample Topics include:

  • It’s Not Failure If you are Still Trying
  • Building a Brand that Matters
  • Make what you love a Business
  • Solve Peoples Problem That’s enough Business
  • Capital don’t limit Lions
  • Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Start Small but Dream Big
  • Carve Your Own Path
  • Kill your Fears
  • Raising super Stars in your Dreams
  • Why Business Fail and how to avoid the Trap
  • Cutting Cost with Technology

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