Eagles Management runs this program to assist you develop achievable goals through understanding the art of business networking.
The misplaced perception is always that networking skills are only for the self-employees. The truth is, everyone of us needs these skills at some point of life. Networking allows you to stay relevant, develop circles, stay informed of future development and expand on your knowledge of things.

Target Audience:
This course is ideal for
•Start-up managers
•Anyone looking to beat networking challenges.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
•Understand the concept and importance of networking.
•Be equipped for networking activities.
•Appreciate the power of networking.
•Develop a systematic approach to creating relationships.
•Learn how to research and adopt potential connections.
•Understand the importance of referrals as a networking tool.

Course Topics:
Module I: Fundamentals of Business Networking
•What is business networking?
•The importance of networking.
•Types of Networking.

Module II: Making business contacts.
•Maintaining a good database
•Developing a contact strategy with different types and levels of contact
•How to analyze your contact base

Module III: Networking action plans.
•How to work a room
•The communication plan
•Breaking the ice
•Building rapport

Module IV: Understanding online marketing.
•Types of networking online platforms.
•Effective online profiling
•Using social networking effectively – case studies and application
•The power of social media
•Online demonstration and examples

Module V: Communication dynamics in networking
•Listening before talking
•Effective questioning and active listening
•Creating a natural and engaging conversation

Module VI: Business-networking etiquette
•The first conversation huddle
•Socializing: joining and leaving groups easily
•Making a good first impression in 30 seconds
•The use of status when networking
•Asking for cards, contact details and referrals.

Our Approach:
At Eagle Management Consultants, we provide a systematic approach to this training; with the use of practical guidelines, exercises, case studies and comprehensive, well-packaged content.

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