As it is often put “The only constant in the world is change”.

We live in a society where we are exposed daily to either new or different processes, markets, customers, colleagues, bosses etc. All these changes consequently affect how we do things. It is therefore important to be equipped in finding the most seamless and effective way of handling situations.

The importance of Change Management is finally being recognized on a universal scale. Understanding and applying Change Management principles and techniques gives your organization a significant competitive advantage over organizations that do not have this capability, while significantly increasing your chances to succeed. This training focuses on the salient areas that assist us in managing change at the work place.

This course targets;
•Managers and Chief Executives
•Heads of Sections and Departments
•Other team leads and supervisors.

•To provide leaders and managers with clear insights on how to effectively motivate people through corporate culture or organizational change.
•To enable group leaders anticipate and get ready for change.
•Equip leaders with skills on how to communicate change to the team members.
•Assist team managers in developing skills on how to motivate staffs through change.
•Help organizations personnel understand change and overcome any possible obstacles.

Module I: The concept of change and managing change.
•What is change?
•Experiencing change.
•Understanding the types of change.
•Anticipating Change.

Module II: Principles and dimensions of change.
•Leaders driven change
•Process driven change
•Improvement driven change
•Organizational driven change

Module III: Response to change
•Recognizing the reasons for change.
•Managing the transitions

Module IV: Resistance to Change
•Unlocking resistance.
•Reliance and adaptability.
•Managing resistance.

Module V: Communicating Change.
•Aligning change to organizational vision and objectives.
•Managing culture transformation.
•Packaging information for change.

Module VI: Implementing and Sustaining Change.
•Assessing the impact of change
•Driving momentum

Our Approach:
At Eagles Management Consultants, we believe change is inevitable. We take an individual approach to managing change through both class and breakout sessions where individually, attention is placed on perceptions and behavioral change.
Case studies are considered a very important tool to drive points home while pre and post-sessions assessments are necessary tools of application.

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