Today’s market place depends much more of the flow of information than any other thing. It is often said ‘Information is power’. In fact, the difference between success and failure depends on how good or bad communication is.

Communication skills training course is designed to assist participants in communicating better and clearly to their audiences by working on their communication techniques i.e. verbal and non-verbal skills.

Target Audience:
This course is customized to suit anyone who wishes to improve his or her communication techniques at the workplace.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, we expect participants to:
•Recognize different styles of communication.
•Reflect and adopt on different methods of communication.
•Appreciate the role of body language and voice tone in effective communication.
•Communicate their message in an effective and engaging way for the recipient.
•Feel confident when facing an audience
•Manage anxiety
•Deal with difficult questions much easily and professionally
•Communicate better.

Course Topics:
Module I: Your role as a communicator
•Assessing your audience
•Determining your objectives
•Being in charge

Module II: Forms and methods of communication
•One-way versus two-way communication
•Process of communication
•Breakdown of communication
•Different communication methods and their effectiveness

Module III: Communication styles
•What is your style?
•Perceptions and filters
•Appreciating different communication styles
•Adjusting to other styles

Module IV: Non-verbal communication
•Voice tone and projection.
•First impressions and building rapport.
•Body language.
•Active listening.
•Commanding the stage.

Module V: Feedback
•Importance of feedback
•Handling feedback
•Assessing and managing negative feedback

Our Approach:
We take time to understand your need and the objectives of the intended training. Our trainers will then plan for the training in a manner where all needs are dealt with. In application, we will use classical examples, presentations and case studies to drive the point home in a high-engaging and active session.

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