Consultative sales is the art of asking intelligent, well thought out questions in the hope of learning what the true requirements are in any given organization. The goal of the consultative sales person is to identify if their proposed product or service is the right fit for a potential customer.
In our Consultative selling course, Participants will learn key skills like what is consultative selling, how to identify potential clients, different types of personality types and how to best engage with them, discovery and presenting solutions, over-coming objections and cognitive reframing and persuasion techniques.
Consultative selling starts with building a relationship and creating trust. By fully understanding the customer’s needs, wants, demographics, concerns and objections, sales consultants can create a win-win relationship that ultimately increases sales!

•Business Owners & Directors
•Account Managers & Executives
•Sales Consultants
•Sales Representatives
•Business Development Personnel

Upon completing this Consultative Selling Skills Course, you will:
•Understand the definition and concepts of Consultative Selling.
•Become confident in the 6 Steps of Consultative Selling.
•Master a Consultative Selling Process to accelerate the sales cycle.
•Learn the psychological tools and techniques of successful selling.
•Develop a consistently positive attitude to generate predictable sales results

Module I: What is Consultative Selling?
•Difference between a normal sales approach and consultative selling
•Beliefs about selling
•How will buyers respond to consultative selling?

Module II: Preparing for the Sales Meeting
•Researching the organization and person/people you are meeting
•What do your customers or clients need or want? What are they buying?
•Preparing yourself for the meeting

Module III: Understanding Needs
•First impressions count
•How to generate conversation to establish customer needs
•Controlling the conversation
•Gathering the right information

Module IV: The Sales Process
•A structure to follow to help the conversation along
•Moving into the sale

Module V: The Skills
•Effective questioning
•Body language, tone of voice and choosing the right words

Module VI: Matching Your Products and Services
•Matching the features and benefits of your products to the information gathered
•Ensure it doesn’t feel like a sale at this point
•Making it feel as though the product/service is just what they are looking for

Module VII: Closing
•Moving from conversation to closing sale

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