Leadership is one thing, and then having the ability to break down tasks to your team is another. At Eagles Management, we believe that delegation is not just a management function but also a powerful tool to motivate your team members.
Delegating task means that you can effectively balance workloads. It allows the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your team. Furthermore, delegation has proved to be a strategy effectively used to save on both time and costs. This course looks at equipping team leads in this area.

Target Audience
This course primarily targets team leaders, managers, supervisors who are involved in daily organizational operations and who are concerned with achieving maximum productivity.

Course Objectives
This course looks at ensuring participants;
•Understand the concept of delegation.
•Understand the importance of delegating effectively.
•Prioritize tasks.
•Use delegation as a function of management.
•Prevent miscommunication when setting tasks and expectations when delegating tasks.
•Influence peers and team members to share your responsibilities.

Course Outline
Module I: Understanding Delegation.
•Defining the concept of delegation
•Formal vs. informal delegation
•The benefits and barriers of delegation.

Module II: Why delegation?
•Advantages and Disadvantages of delegating
•Managing time.
•How to multiply your value through others.
•Building trust and team confidence.

Module III: The process of delegating
•Organizing work into tasks.
•Prioritizing tasks.
•The art of delegating effectively.
•Prioritizing delegated tasks.
•Coaching for delegation.
•How to communicate tasks effectively.

Module IV: Monitoring delegation
•Measuring progress.
•Analyzing tasks.
•Managing risks.
•Maintaining responsibilities.
•Measuring tasks against deadlines.

Our Approach
For maximum results, this program is facilitated indoor and in groups. We apply practical elements to the training with a range of tools to explain the concept of delegation. This course is highly participatory.

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