Human beings are behavioral; we often make decisions based on how we feel. As so, it is important to promote, first the element of self-awareness and understand how our feelings or emotions guide the decision making process.
When you perfectly deal with the emotional side of a human being, then there is a greater understanding of the corporate goals and objectives. It is interesting to note that our emotional selves guide all our inter-personal and intra-personal relations. It is therefore important to understand yourself and your behavior, because only that was can you make rational decisions.
This Emotional Intelligence course, works in developing your emotions handling process as a skill. It focuses on helping you rationalize your actions and manage your relationships better.

This course is relevant for any member of the company/institution as we all need emotional intelligence skills. However, it is more important for team leaders who have to deal with personnel directly on a one on one basis.

By the end of this emotional intelligence course, the participants will have:
• Understood the concept of emotional intelligence and relate it to the work place.
• Developed self-awareness and proper management of their emotions and feelings.
• Developed self-awareness and self-management of personal emotions.
• Explored ways to advance personal emotional intelligence.
• Recognized emotions in others, responding to those emotions in order to inspire high performance.
• Understood the consequences of behavior and weigh decisions before action.

Module I: Defining emotional intelligence.
• What is EI?
• Trait vs ability EI.
• Determining your EI.
• Self-management vs self-awareness.
• Understanding empathy.

Module II: Skills in Emotional Intelligence.
• How to accurately perceive emotions.
• The role of emotion in decision-making.
• Managing emotions.
Module III: Verbal vs Non-verbal communications.
• Listening attentively
• The art of asking questions
• Authentic Communications
• Body language

Module IV: Social management and responsibility.
• Benefits of EI.
• Articulating your emotions.
• Understanding the other side/party.

Our Approach:
Eagles Management Consultants undertakes this training in-house, marrying both classical examples and personal experiences in helping participants internalize the course elements.

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