Contrary to common belief, anyone can be tasked with the facilitation role at a certain point in their corporate life, especially if you manage people or handle groups as part of your responsibilities. Effective facilitation skills are necessary for this kind of people; you do not just become and effective facilitator, you learn through training and experience.

Eagles Management has developed this elaborate course to help any facilitator understand the techniques of effective facilitation and be able to apply them appropriately at the work place.
Facilitation may include:
•Planning of meetings and sessions and/or,
•Planning events

Target Audience:
Anyone is a candidate of this course. Particularly, team leaders and project managers may find it of immediate help.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, we expect participants to:
•Define their roles as facilitators.
•Learn, understand and adopt the techniques of effective facilitation.
•Identify their preferred role of facilitation.
•Be able to motivate people through meetings and sessions.
•Understand how to lead a productive discussion.
•Develop the skills of supporting participants during discussions.

Course Topics:
Module I: Understanding Facilitation.
•The Art of facilitation
•The Values and Principles of effective facilitation
•Understanding the role of a facilitator.

Module II: The Facilitation process.
•Needs assessment
•Determining the aims and objectives
•Building consensus
•Interpreting techniques
•Evaluation of the process.

Module III: The skills and styles of facilitation
•Explaining the various skills of facilitation
•Understanding the styles of facilitation
•Adopting a skill and style of facilitation
•Stages of group development

Module IV: Dealing with difficult people
•Resolving issues
•Addressing disruptions

Module V: Wrapping up
•Finishing powerfully
•Carrying the team with you

Our Approach:
Our facilitators will apply the best techniques to allow participants internalize concepts faster and easily i.e.:
•Group presentations
•Individual presentations
•Cases studies etc.

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