A first line Manager is solely responsible for bringing out the best from the rest of the team. He carries the vision on behalf of the company and ensures that all other members of the team replicate its tenants. The course gives insights to managing both people and situations by providing an introduction to people management; from developing proper communication skills to handling crisis and more.
First line manager have a high impact on the organizational culture, productivity and performance of employees. Therefore, it is important that they are equipped in being able to get out the best from their team members

Are you a first line manager? Then this is your perfect fit course.

This course is meant for;
• Everyone who is new in supervision, management or team leadership.
• Experienced leaders who lack previous training in management.

By the end of this course, we expect participants to have:
• Understood their roles in corporate development.
• Developed leadership skills for first time managers.
• Adopted the elements of service leadership.
• Understood their role and responsibilities as team leaders.
• Be equipped leaders with the capacity to provide clear and engaging direction to their team members
• Developed the ability to Delegate tasks to team members in an engaging and supportive manner

Module I: Introduction to Management
• What is management?
• Managing people, tasks and time

Module II: The role of a manager.
• Understanding the role of the first line manager
• Recognizing how best to manage different levels of performance
• Identifying the right type of support and development
• Management skills for motivating and engaging the team

Module III: Communicating Effectively.
• Communicating clear direction and instructions
• Impact of verbal and non-verbal communication
• Adapting your communication

Module IV: Leadership through delegation.
• Identifying opportunities for delegation
• Skills and process for delegating effectively
• Benefits of delegating tasks

Module V: Creating and managing a team.
• Identifying talents.
• How to motivate members.

Our Approach
We employ techniques based on real life case studies; first, we run self-assessments and background checks before the trainings. This is to help us customize our programs to fit every individual.We then hold both class-sessions and infuse sessions of peer coaching as part of our influencer strategy to help on retention.

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