Eagles Management understands your need to develop a more persuasive and successful angle towards gaining advantage at the market place. Therefore, this course is designed to assist you become more influential in your trade.
The ability to influence others is the main skill required to get results. Influencing your team, customers and other stakeholders makes you a very valuable member of your organization. Through this course, we highlight on ways of how to build trust and bolster relationships towards achieving goals.

Target Audience:
Our influencing skills training is suitable for sales executives, marketers, relations officers, business development executives, diplomats, managers and all employees looking towards developing their relationship skills more.

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:
•Understand the power of influence and persuasion at the work place
•The process of influencing
•Improve their bargaining power
•Develop effective influencing skills in a variety of situations
•Understand how our beliefs, norms and assumptions affect our acceptance or delivery of messages
•Improve their ability to overcome resistance in others

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding Influence and Persuasion
•Recognizing your ability to persuade and influence
•Effective influencing

Module II: Preparing to influence
•The Push vs. Pull techniques
•Assertive and responsive behavior
•Reactions to persuasion and influence

Module III: Building trust and rapport
•Understanding the “other” perspective
•Communicating with confidence
•Buying in the other party
•Overcoming barriers

Module IV: Influencing techniques
•Understanding different influencing techniques
•Maximizing on your influencing techniques
•Dealing with resistance to influence
•Communicating with impact

Our Approach:
Apart from one on one session with our trainers, this course will use self-assessment exercises to help participants consider the impact of your preferred style of influencing,
Case studies shall also be used elaborately.

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