KK’s background

A father, an author, top motivational speaker in Kenya, a team building and corporate trainer and a businessman all rolled into one. Kk is also a former accountant, a true believer, and an international performance coach, entrepreneur, and change agent. The youthful, energetic CEO has extensive experience in the business world.

Kariuki Kamau is one of Africa’s and a top motivational speaker based in Kenya. He shares extraordinary success stories, struggles, perseverance, work and effort as well as the life changing experiences. Thanks to his experience in corporate training, trust him to equip you with all that you may need for transformational programs and development of human capital. KK has generated a number of immersive team-building activities for outdoor learning as the pioneer of Team Building Training in Kenya.

The number of lives you affect determines your achievement and posterity, and KK proves this through mentoring programs such as the Motivational Speakers Academy, Corporate Clinic, Youth Life Skills Clinic, and Students Training Programs.

KK’s narrative would be incomplete without GN Life, a non-profit organization he founded in 2006, long before he entered the commercial world, with the objective of inspiring the youth to discover their gifts and find their sense of purpose in life.

Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. watch KK host influential entrepreneurs, CEOs and top business owners who are revolutionizing Africa live on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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