The truth is; perfect content can be ruined by poor delivery. This therefore means that presentation is at the center of how effective people can apprehend information.
Delivering good presentations is more than fluency of speech; it requires other skills, which form the core objective of this course.

This Training Course provides you with in-depth knowledge and skill building in the planning, preparation and delivery of truly engaging presentations by helping you present key concepts and ideas with power and enthusiasm.

Target Audience:
This course is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their presence as presenters of information by sharpening their communication delivery styles to affect their business presentations.
It is a perfect course for Public Relations professionals, sales People, marketers, Supervisors/team leaders and business development professionals.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, we expect participants to:
•Explore how presentation works
•Develop a unique individual style
•Understand what happens in front of an audience
•Learn to design effective & engaging presentations
•Master powerful & effective verbal & non-verbal communication techniques
•Practiced projecting and vary the pitch, pace and tone of their voice to gain and retain audience interest and reinforce the presentation messages, when public speaking
•Reviewed how to prepare presentations and visual aids to be interesting, persuasive and to communicate key messages
•Identified the best ways to interact with the audience, control and handle challenging individuals.

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding presentation
•What is a presentation?
•Methods of delivery

Module II: Verbal vs Non-verbal communications
•Body language
•Use of appropriate gestures
•Listening skills
•Questioning vs answering techniques

Module III: Creating an effective presentation
•Setting objectives
•Defining key concepts of the message
•Determining time
•Understanding your audience
•Understanding your visuals and choice of media
•Making it interesting

Stage presentation
•Interacting with the audience
•Controlling the presentation
•Dealing with hard audiences
•Use of props
•Presentation materials
•Projection, speed and posture practice
•How to capture audience attention

Module IV: Modes of Speech

Module V: Types of speech

Module VI: Wrapping off
•Finishing strongly

Our Approach:
At Eagles Management, we will use the best techniques to make you a better presenter. Applying individual presentations combined with group exercise and the use of case studies to drive the point home.

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