At Eagles Management, we understand that Receptionists are the first point of contact with your clients, so they need to create a long lasting good impression within moments, so your customers need to experience how good it feels walking into your company, to stay loyal and committed.

This interactive course will enable receptionists to develop their customer service skills and communication skills within a supportive and encouraging environment. It will reinforce the importance of their public relations role, raise awareness of the key interpersonal skills essential for their success and help them cope with reception duties as well as admin tasks that might come their way.


•The importance of the receptionists public relations role in the workplace
•How to implement professional behavior in the workplace according to dress code, voice projection, self-image and posture
•How to deal with difficult callers and customer complaints
•How to correctly greet your customers, face-to-face and on the telephone
•How to keep an organized and well maintained reception area
•How to handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls professionally
•How to provide the highest level of internal customer service when taking and relaying messages

MODULE 1: Introduction and Course Overview

MODULE 2: The Role of the Receptionist
•Customer Service Exercise

MODULE 3: Customer Service Principles
•Superior Receptionist Behaviors
•First Impressions
•Moments of Truth
•Good vs Exceptional Customer Service

MODULE 4: Communication
•Why Communication Goes Wrong
•Getting Communications Across
•Personal Communication Style Questionnaire

MODULE 5: Questioning Techniques
•What Are Open Questions?
•What are Closed Questions?
•T.E.D. Technique for Open Questions
•Funneling Technique

MODULE 6: Listening Skills
•Listening Skills Questionnaire
•Listening Skills Tips/Techniques

MODULE 7: Telephone Skills
•Telephone Skills Self Diagnostic
•Inappropriate Language/Phrases Exercise
•Effective Telephone Communicators
•Poor Telephone Communicators

MODULE 8: The Factors of the Voice

MODULE 9:Professional Handling of Incoming Calls
•Six Steps to Handling an Incoming Call
•Warm Transfer of Calls
•Message Taking

MODULE 10: Dealing with Anger
•Irate People – Tips and Tactics

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