Report writing is an important skill for any professional.

Eagles Management, through this report writing skills training course will provide attendees with a toolkit to improve your business report writing skills. It focuses on the key elements of writing and presenting business reports such as Preparation, structure, writing and presenting.

Target Audience:
This course targets anyone in both the corporate and business world who would wish to improve his skills in reporting.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, we expect participants to:
•Structure reports.
•Organize the key points and support them with relevant facts
•Write precisely and concisely.
•Use appropriate illustrations; visuals such as charts, graphs, and tables to present figures
•Write catchy and powerful executive summaries.
•Gain an understanding of the reason for the different types of report formats and when, why and how they should be used
•Produced clear, hierarchical and logical structures which project the messages they wish to communicate
•Used some tried and tested report writing techniques to persuade and influence their readers.

Course Outline:
Module I: Preparing the Report
•Defining the purpose
•Setting the Objectives
•Investigate the topic
•Thinking about the reader

Module II: Report Sections
•Title or title page
•Executive Summary
•Summary & Conclusions

Module III: Structure and Layout
•Numbering Sections and figures
•Diagrams, graphs and tables

Module IV: Proofreading
•Originality & Plagiarism
•Business English

Module V: Presenting the Report
•How to talk through the report
•Use persuasive language
•Get buy-in to the ideas you are presenting

Our Approach:
The session includes a range of activities that will allow the delegates to practice skills, alongside trainer-led sessions to introduce the relevant knowledge.
This report writing training will be delivered in a highly engaging and interactive way, focused on the specific needs of the participants and the organization.
•Trainer input and tips through short presentation, facilitation and group discussion
•Individual and small group exercises with facilitated group review of learning
•Practice sessions for participants to complete key elements of writing a report

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