The Time is now, Agility Mindset, Leadership, Culture, Team can never be postponed else we close Sacco Board Members Training Programs in Kenya. The world is under renovation, every stone has been turned and the reality is hear with us that it can’t be business as usual. We have to Refresh, Rethink, Redirect, Remodel and Re-engineer our Business Model. The three areas below will make everyone remain on toes

  • Globalization
  • Digital Revolution
  • Global Pandemics

Eagles Management Consultants has lined up amazing online and in-person Training programs in Kenya for Board Members and Corporate Leaders which include

  •  Growing the Saccos amidst & Post Covid
  •  Agile Leadership
  • Corporate Governance
  •  Cooperative management & Challenges
  • Change Management
  • Blending risk in strategic planning
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Stress & Burnout Management
  • Blue Ocean Strategy in Leadership
  • Succession planning
  • Pre-retirement Planning
  • Execution Strategies
  • Building Resilience & Interpersonal relationship

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