A company’s sales force is the frontline for revenue generation and growth, so it’s imperative that your sales team is effective, efficient and has the ability to find and close sales opportunities, no matter what industry you’re in. Providing sales training plays an important role in helping sales representatives practice and hone their ability to close a deal.
This Sales skills Training course provides you, or your team, with the skills to increase their sales by asking better questions, gaining loyal repeat customers, understanding common body language, overcoming common sales objections, finding referral opportunities and growing the business with professionalism and enthusiasm and more.

Any sales executives or newly appointed salesperson who wants to master the art of fundamental selling skills. Also for sales professionals who want to refresh their sales skills.

•Develop sales mindset and attitudes that drive commitment to sales target
•Understand the roles of a salesperson and the consultative sales approach
•Map sales cycle with flexibility to buyers’ process and purchase behaviors
•Qualify prospects and existing customers for new business opportunities
•Plan for successful sales calls with an objectives in mind
•Create positive first impression and sales conversation
•Sharpen active listening and questioning skills for customer discovery, solutions fit, and stronger relationship
•Use of voice, vocal, visuals and verbal to control sales dialog and influence closing
•Overcome sales objections with closing techniques
•Nurture and engage prospects/customers for more selling opportunity and deeper relationship
•Adapt communication styles that fit individual customers’ styles for closing business opportunities faster

Module I: Defining the sales process
•Types of sales
•Common sales approaches

Module II: Creative openings
•A Basic Opening for Warm Calls
•Warming up Cold Calls
•Using the Referral Opening

Module III: Delivering Presentations that SELL
•Features and Benefits Matched to Customer Need
•Outlining your Unique Selling Proposition
•The Burning Question that Every Customer Wants Answered

Module IV: Handling Objections
•Common Types of Objections
•Basic Strategies
•Advanced Strategies

Module V: Following Up
•Thank-you Notes
•Resolving Customer Service Issues
•Staying in Touch

Module VI: Getting Prepared to Make the Call
•Identifying your Contact Person
•Performing a Needs Analysis
•Creating Potential Solutions

Module VII: Closing the sale
•Understanding when it’s Time to Close
•Powerful Closing Techniques
•Things to Remember

Module VIII: Managing Your Pipeline
•What is a Sales Pipeline
•The Stages from Prospect to Customer
•How to Determine Your Prospects Stage
•We share our experiences

Our Approach
This is a practical, interactive and lively workshop. Facilitator will engage and encourage peer and group practices using realistic sales scenarios when conducting gap analysis for their reflection, review and, critiques on areas of improvements. Participants engage in experiential hands-on learning through mini-lectures, assessments, group discussion, role plays, skills-building activities and simulated case studies.

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