Supervisors manage key result areas in any organization. Our intention is to develop program that equip participants with the knowledge and skills that are necessary for effective team management.
Our Supervisory skill training is specifically designed for you who are in charge of a section or team. It is also meant to assist those who are transitioning from team members to supervisors or team leaders. This course introduces an individual to management of,
•Resources and,
This training course provides participants with strategies for effective supervision, and the skills and knowledge required to lead a team or work group in a business environment. The course includes developing plans, providing leadership and supervising the performance of a work team.
Through the trainer’s expertise and practical knowledge, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with supervisory skills

Target Audience:
This course targets anyone who is responsible for leading or supervising a team of people in the workplace, i.e. frontline managers, team leaders, supervisors.

Course Objectives:
This course should eventually assist participants:
•Understand their roles as leaders of a team
•Set performance objectives, standards and targets.
•Manage and supervise staff effectively.
•Apply appropriate control measures in work setups
•Create conducive atmosphere for team work performance
•Resolve work team conflicts.
•Adopt a relationship based management process that supports achieving improved business results.

Course Outline:
Module I: Defining Supervision
•The Basic roles of a supervisor.
•What differentiates a supervisor from team members?
•Creating a team.
•Owning a team.

Module II: Leading Effectively
•Understanding responsibilities.
•Managing people.
•Managing Resources.
•Managing Information and Communications Effectively.

Module III: Setting Targets
•Understand the element of SMART goals
•Managing people vs tasks
•Performance Appraisal, Business and Work Ethics.

Module IV: Monitoring and Feedback
•Collecting accurate information
•Analyzing feedback

Module V: Motivating the Team
•Coaching as a motivating tool
•Value empowerment for effective management.
•Interpersonal Relations and Team Building

Our Approach:
We intensively customize our sessions through class sessions, group discussions, simulation exercises, case studies and presentations.

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