Time, though often overlooked is a very important skill. It is the drive behind productivity.
This course introduces time management tools and techniques that allow participants to manage their time more effectively and feel more in control.
Improving time management is a core skill for anyone wishing to work efficiently and establish good habits. Implementing your action plan will help you reduce stress and enhance your productivity.

Target Audience:
This course is for anyone; both management and junior employees who desire to improve on their time management skills.

Course Objectives:
•Assist participants in identifying their greatest time ‘stealers’ and how to handle them effectively
•Assist participants acquire effective management skills for example; prioritizing and scheduling.
•Explain and help internalize the benefits of effective time management.

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding Time Management
•Planning & Goal Setting
•Getting Results
•Managing your time and the company’s time effectively.
•The ‘Prioritizing’ element.
•The concept of delegating vs. assigning tasks

Module II: Organizing Your Work
•Daily/weekly planning.
•Effective time management systems.

Module III: Guiding principles of time management.
•Planning and controlling your workload
•Keeping yourself motivated to achieve tasks
•How to optimally use available time
•Managing communication

Module IV: Fundamentals of Time Management
•Focus is on time and resources
•Pre-analysis of performance
•Analysis of goals and objectives
•Systemization of processes

Expected outcome:
•Reduction in time wastage.
•Improve workplace organization.
•Creation of time sensitive goals.
•Be able to bolster synergized relationships at work place.

Our Approach:
At Eagles Consultants, we love to make this course as engaging as possible; employing class set- up system, group discussions and case studies to always drive the Time concept home.

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