Learning is both an engaging and on-going process. At Eagles Management, we have this course customized to equip individuals who are to teach other adults at the work place with required techniques.

Training of Trainers modules typically prepare instructors to present information effectively, respond to questions from trainees, and lead activities that reinforce learning. Future trainers earn to lead discussions, listen and make accurate observations, as well as assist trainees to link the training to their jobs.

This course focuses predominantly on the sharing of ideas and experiences rather than on the pure transfer of information. As such, the overall objective of the training course is to change management with a focus on the instructor’s training capacity and skills.

Target Audience:
Our train the trainer training is designed for those who are responsible for on-the-job training, or induction of team members in key areas of responsibility at the work place.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
•Identify their role as a trainer
•Design a training course for adults
•Identify and adopt the characteristics of an effective trainer
•Develop techniques to overcome barriers
•Understand the elements of a well-planned teaching program
•Analyze tasks in order to plan effective one to one training
•Present training information clearly and precisely
•Develop techniques in providing coaching during the training process

Course Outline:
Module I: Understanding a trainer
•Who is a trainer?
•The roles and benefits of training
•Characteristics of an effective trainer

Module II: Fundamentals of training the trainer training
•Identifying participants needs.
•Effective workplace training
•Instructional methods

Module III: Planning for your training
•Session planning
•Structuring the course
•Choosing activities and needed materials
•Organizing content
•Implementing a training plan

Module IV: The elements of a Training of Trainers training plan
•Setting up a training goal
•Sourcing resources and capacity
•Defining the target group
•Running the training Course
•Training Approach

Module V: Managing Barriers
•Barriers to learning
•Handling challenging situations and people.

Our Approach:
At Eagles management, we will are always working to make this course as transformative as possible. We will use both class set-p and outdoor sessions to make sure every message gets home. Our basis is on helping participants learn how to create effective and engaging presentations, how to develop and administer assessment tools, understand the various types of personality types and their learning styles and much more.

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