COVID 19 has forced all organization to conduct Virtual meetings to be part of our lives through Zoom and a host of other platforms. Unfortunately for some organizations or staff members, this is unfamiliar territory. While the basics of conventional etiquette still apply, running virtual meetings requires a different approach from chairing face-to-face ones else desired results might not be realized.

Virtual Meetings – Course Overview

The Course will:
• Learn how to lead effective virtual meeting
• Understand what goes wrong with virtual meetings and be able to diagnose how virtual meetings can improve
• Teach you the key elements of any meeting, and how these need to be adapted to a virtual platform.
• Think through all the aspects of virtual meetings beforehand to check that the virtual meeting will be as productive as possible.
• Show you the technology options available to you as you schedule your virtual meetings, as well as the most useful features of each.
• Help you to manage the personalities in a virtual meeting, even when you’re not close.

Duration: 2 Hours
Number of Participants: 2 – 12
Virtual Training Platform: Zoom (other options available)