Stress affects us in life; from family level, parenting, schools or at work. There is Positive stress which gives you the push to achieve your goals in life which is healthy and helps you do a better. But if this pressure is excessive and you feel inadequate or unable to cope, then this is negative stress.

Covid-19 Pandemic has made it hard to everyone bringing confusion, anxiety and loss of control, depression, worry and through our Stress Management Training workshop; you will learn how to identify Signs and symptoms, Causes. You will also learn stress management techniques including how to cope with stress. You can book for online/ remote training

This course targets;
•Everyone in your Organization

• Reduced stress levels
• Get in control of their daily activities
• Increased confidence handling difficult behavior in others
• Able to manage colleagues and friends effectively
• Enjoy a more balanced lifestyle
• Increased work effectiveness and productivity
• Increased productivity through more effective communication

Module I: Understanding Stress
• What is stress?
• Fight or flight?
• How we think about stress
• Stress – The underlying mechanisms
• Stress and your health

Module II: Understanding Pressure
• Understanding the relationship between stress and pressure
• Linking pressure with performance – productive and unproductive levels of
• The crucial differences between pressure and stress, and how those differences can manifest
• How we inadvertently put pressure on ourselves
• Common pressure traps and how they make us affect us
• What pressure does to our brains— and how it affects our thinking

Module III: Coping with Stress
• Assessing longer term stress
• Examining your working style and looking for ways to improve
• Stress SWOT Analysis
• Identifying the most important sources of stress
• Working out how to manage each source of stress

Module IV: Making Decisions Under Pressure
• Emotional dimension and pressures of decision making
• Complexity
• Multiple objectives
• Personal and peer pressure

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